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Welcome Sander by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps,

I am here to announce and give you the 411 on our latest patch for the arrival of the desert town of  Sander. Gasp oh the grind. Let’s get to the pewp!

New foes are here to test your skills in dungeons! Some are huge behemoths and some are smexii succubuses (or succubi? What’s the plural…)! The ladies from Sander are pretty hot!! ::sizzle:: Richian’s older sister Rosean is not bad to look at…

And since I know so many of you like to accessorize and pretty up your characters you can expect some cool accessories and very desert inspired armor to drop from dungeons. Don’t forget to earn your wingz. This smexi bottom piece accessories come from performing quests!!

Check out my Desert Road Warrior inspired Eve. Hee hee~~

You can find new adventures and always a bonus for players 2 new dungeons with some mega tough bosses and 2 new fields! 

Why there are giant purple walruses in the middle of the desert we have no idea… LOL!

Alright Elpeeps. Now make sure to Reblog this post! We will pick 5 random winners to receive 500 K-Ching if we reach 300 Reblogs by 11/24 PST! Make sure to leave you in-game character name in your reblog!!

~Cuddles :-DDD



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